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Turning ripples into tides of change

 Earlier this month I had the pleasure of visiting Papua New Guinea to witness first hand how family violence impacts Australia's closest neighbour.  Human Rights Watch estimates 70 per cent of PNG women are raped during their lifetime, labelling the country as one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman.  Out of sight and out of mind – PNG, a former Australian colony, is in many respects, our forgotten neighbour. Continue reading

Big news in budget for family law reform

Just over a year ago Rosie stood with representatives of Women's Legal Services Australia in Brisbane to launch their five-step plan to put safety first in family law. For decades women's and community legal services have been at the frontline in dealing with victims escaping violence as they try to navigate the family law system. Continue reading

Never Alone helps save community legal centres

Today the federal government announced $55.7million over the three years for Community Legal Centres and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services.  This is great news for thousands of women and children fleeing family violence who depend on these services to keep them safe. Continue reading

NABTRADE to donate all brokerage on 19 April to the Luke Batty Foundation

Tomorrow the 19th of April nabtrade will be donating all of the brokerage generated to the Luke Batty Foundation. Continue reading

It’s time for us to fix family law

Last year I asked the Never Alone community to share your stories with me about your experience with the family law system. It was heart breaking to read the hundreds of stories that poured in, full of frustration, despair and fear. The stories painted a picture of a system that is too often failing to protect victims of violence and putting children in danger. Continue reading

Sharing stories with inspiring women in the Kimberley

This month I was privileged to visit a remote community in the Kimberley, 180km north of Broome in a remote part of Western Australia. It was emotional and moving to share experiences with resilient, resourceful and incredible women from this area. Continue reading

Luke Batty Foundation welcomes Deloitte Australia support

The Luke Batty Foundation is pleased to announce the formalisation of an agreement to receive ongoing pro bono and financial support from Deloitte Australia. Continue reading

Rosie leads fundraising trek on the Larapinta Trail in Central Australia

Rosie is excited to be leading a fundraising walk along Australia’s most iconic desert trek, the ‘Larapinta Trail,’ in Central Australia for the Luke Batty Foundation. You can join Rosie on this classic outback challenge in August 2017 and be a part of the Foundation’s fundraising and awareness raising efforts. We can promise you a physical, emotional and spiritual journey. Continue reading

A christmas letter from Rosie

Read Rosie's letter to all the supporters of the Never Alone.  Continue reading

Mantra Group demonstrates staff engagement in support of victims

Christmas can be a difficult time of year for many families. For someone at risk of family violence, it can be a time of fear and intimidation. Services see a spike in instances of violence during holidays.   As part of its partnership with Never Alone and the Luke Batty Foundation, Mantra Group has been engaging its Team Members with a toy drive. Gifts are being collected for women and children who find themselves away from home and seeking protection in refuges this festive season. Continue reading

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